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8 Reasons Businesses Should Use SaaS Document Management

Take Control of Your Security!

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Q: What type of Document Management system does DocuVantage®provide?

A: DocuVantage® is a highly scalable, browser-based application that allows you to rapidly deploy solutions that unite legacy, paper-based, and pure digital information for a competitive advantage.

DocuVantage OnDemand modules include Web Capture/Imaging, Text/OCRSearch, Workflow/Business Process Automation /Collaboration, Email/Fax management and Records management.

Q: What types of businesses use DocuVantage OnDemand?

 A: Almost any type of business you can name including: Universities, School Districts, Government Agencies, Marketing and Advertising agencies, Credit Unions, Nonprofits, Engineering Firms, Manufacturing/Distribution, Medical Facilities, Real Estate and Property Management and Technology companies to name a few. The list is limitless.

Q: Is DocuVantage OnDemand web-enabled?

A: Yes. Our software is browser-based and allows you to capture, search, archive and retrieve documents from anywhere in the world, using only a web browser. 

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8 Reasons Businesses Should Use SaaS Document Management

Document Management is suitable for ANY size business. And every business should address document management. This means addressing the fact that you may be holding onto information or files you should have already purged. This means having an automated, electronic process for paperwork with new employees. This means having a system that will instantly find the document you need, through a simple system search.

Small businesses, you are not too small for document management. Small businesses make up a large portion of our client base and because you are so focused on staying lean and green, you have incredible success using technology tools to stay that way and grow faster!.Even you can save money by reducing document storage costs and improving overall business productivity.

In this newsletter, we will begin a series of articles that discuss the 8 Reasons Businesses Should Use Hosted (Software-as-a-Service) Document Management. Here you go... starting with reason #1.

1. Don't add to the server closet – clean it out!

Avoid adding to the “server closet” and move your information online.  The best SaaS Document Management solutions operate in a Tier IV data center with redundant hardware, networks, and power so that you don’t have to worry about down time.  These data centers also provide physical security with very limited and controlled access.  Systems are monitored and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A typical On-Premise Document Management solution requires a dedicated server for the application.  Some even require a dedicated server for their web access service and another server for storage and yet another server for the database.  That’s a lot of servers that you have to worry about.  That means appropriate staffing and training.  Not to mention the effort involved in installing patches, updating the OS (operating system), replacing aging or defective hardware and all the other things that go with managing servers. 

With a SaaS Document Management solution, your service provider is the one that has to worry about all of those things. 

Stay tuned for reason #2. Don't spend all of your money...when it's not necessary, which will be released later this week on the
DocuVantage Blog.

Take Control of Your Security!

Keeping your business secure is becoming increasingly complex and can be expensive. Hoping for the best and not addressing security issues is highly risky and will most likely cost you even more in the long term. Making sure your organization has a good security program is absolutely crucial!

First things first. Be smart when choosing a password! Weak passwords frequently take the work out of hacking your system. Poor password discipline allows hackers and unauthorized users to bypass all the other security provisions. Of course users hate hard to remember passwords and often resort to writing them down. Strong passwords will significantly reduce the business risk so here are a few simple suggestions.

Double check applicable regulations and corporate policy, but the recommendations below will help you establish a minimum level of password security.


- Don't use dictionary words, names, birthdays or key combinations from the          keyboard (e.g. qweasd or 123456)

- Use lower case, upper case and at least one number

- Change the password at least every 90 days

- Don't share accounts or passwords; every person uses their own.

- Don't write them down


In addition to a strong password, come up with a comprehensive, security plan which will address your specific needs. Here are five steps to improving security, without breaking the bank.

1. Complete a risk assessment
2. Provide security training to all employees
3. Establish and enforce security policies
4. Keep your current systems up to date
5. Make security a part of every IT project

And lastly, consider using a security-based system such as a document management system that uses a multi-level permission-based platform that stores your information within a safe and controlled data facility.

The best document management systems will provide an automatic disaster recovery plan and enables all documents to be uploaded, stored, filed and retrieved within the system. Because all documents are stored within the application, employees do not need to save information onto their desktops or laptops. With online document management, administrators can set controls as to who is authorized to access certain information, while also monitoring who is viewing and editing these documents.

With all of these considerations in mind, start taking steps today to take control of your security!

Information for this article was provided by Mike Whitcomb, CEO of Loricca, Inc. Loricca, Inc. is a provider of affordable data security solutions. You can reach Mike at 813-600-3005 ext.102  or send him an e-mail at mwhitcomb@loricca.com.



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