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Veredus Corporation Streamlines Proposal Generation

Launched in 2000, Veredus’ goal was to take service in the staffing industry to the next level. Immediately successful, they are now one of the largest staffing companies in the industries they serve.


Electronic Proposal ProcessAs the company grew, one of the areas that had potential for better service levels was the proposal process for large staffing projects. Each proposal had a combination of custom content combined with templates to produce a document specific to the client’s needs.  As time went on, the number of templates and documents grew almost exponentially. Searching for content on a network drive was both frustrating and time consuming for staffing professionals. Worse yet, finding the correct content to add into proposals started taking longer and longer thus delaying response time back to the client. This was unacceptable to both the staffing professionals and to management. Remember, that service is key to the Veredus mission.

Document Management Solution

Electronic document management systems by design, not only store documents, but also enable rapid and accurate retrieval. By indexing documents based on the content contained in the documents, it became easy to find the content needed for any new proposal. Additionally, “documents” is a generic term that covers a wide variety of content. Logos, spreadsheets, financial information, resumes, proposal templates, and so on, all fall into the category of content. Classifying the documents on content type, in addition to the actual content in the documents, enables users to drill down to the exact document they were searching for.

By implementing document management, Veredus was able to:

  • Streamline proposal creation
  • Eliminate lost documents
  • Securely store documents
  • Improve client service levels

For more information on how document management can streamline your processes and improve your response time, please call us at 866.367.3467 extension 1 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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