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Insurance Document Management

Case Study: First Service Administrators


First Service Administrators is a full service third-party administrator principally engaged in administering self-funded health care plans and providing backshop claim processing services.

Electronic Medical Records ManagementProblem

Physical paper storage needs for patient medical records were outgrowing capacity. A large number of people also need access to these medical records and it was too time-consuming to retrieve paper from file cabinets and make photocopies.

Document Management Solution

DocuVantage® implemented an insurance document management system, which provides fast retrieval of medical records from any desktop computer while maintaining effective control of security and adhering to hipaa compliance. Records can be retrieved by any combination of information such as member number and/or first and last names.

Old Process

When access to a medical record was required, a file room clerk had to be contacted with information about the document requested. The file room clerk then had to prepare the documents and notify the person requesting the documents that they were ready for pickup.

New Process

With a healthcare records management system in place, and a newly effective method for claim processing, all medical records were now scanned into the system and indexed. This allowed personnel to retrieve any record right from their desktop through secured access instead of relying on the now defunct file room. First Service Administrators now have complete control over their insurance document management.

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