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Litigation Document Management

Case Study: Northrop Grumman


Northrop Grumman IT's Litigation Support System (LITSS) was built to serve as a web-hosted application to allow large law firms, corporate legal departments and government legal offices to access a fully functional litigation support system without having to make the capital investment of implementing an in-house solution. The system has been designed to provide Electronic Document Management and full text search capabilities for cases that comprise documents of up to 10 million pages or more.


In order to ensure reliable service and flexibility of services offered, Northrop Grumman IT embarked on a R&D effort to determine which commercially available software products may be up to the task of fulfilling the litigation document management needs of LITSS.

Document Management Solution

Northrop Grumman IT selected DocuVantage® as their electronic document management software provider for several reasons:

  • Operates on several OS environments including NT, Windows 2000, Linux and AIX.
  • Compatible with all of the leading DBMS' such as Oracle, SQL Server, Informix and Sybase.
  • Server-centric architecture minimizes the tasks that must be performed at the client, which lends itself perfectly to the web-hosted environment.
  • Offers a complete and comprehensive API set that assured smooth and cost-effective integration with existing Northrop Grumman IT LITSS software.
  • Offers fully integrated modules; for example, imaging, web, workflow, full text search and others, that provide all the functionality required for the LITSS market.
  • Cost-competitive, offering unbeatable "total cost of ownership" results.
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