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Nurse Practitioner Group Speeds Payment Processing

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VitalCare Services, LLC., a provider of on-site Nurse Practitioners to skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States, brings a unique perspective to the long-term care industry. Nurse Practitioners provide a broad range of services from diagnosis to treatment. This selective group assists patients in more than 7 states, helping nursing home facilities improve patient care, maintain regulatory compliance and improve internal financial performance.

The Challenge

Healthcare is a very regulated industry with extensive documentation requirements. With VitalCare’s Nurse Practitioners visiting multiple nursing facilities per state, each with many patients, the paperwork associated with patient care and billing can be overwhelming. Keeping track of all of this paperwork can be even more overwhelming.

Each Nurse Practitioner must document every patient visit on their daily activity reports (DAR’s). Each (DAR) has detailed patient information. Even a ten-minute visit can result in pages of documentation with its accompanying (DAR), and Nurse Practitioners do not just visit one patient in each facility. With potentially a dozen or more visits per day per Nurse Practitioner, the paperwork becomes a major challenge.

This nurse practitioner group needed a way to streamline their daily process, while maintaining HIPAA and regulatory compliance. The challenge for VitalCare was the speed at which they could enter and process (DAR’s) for billing and transmission of electronic claims.

While they excelled at providing patient care, getting paid for their services was a long, drawn out, detailed process. Every visit from the (DAR) had to be entered into the billing system from a paper (DAR) typically faxed in, printed off and handed off to staff. The (DAR) then had to be verified and coded for appropriate billing to the correct insurer using the group’s in-house billing software. When questions arose or a (DAR) needed to be reviewed/audited, this nurse practitioner group had to find the original documentation quickly so they could correct billing issues and respond to questions in a timely manner. This paper-chase further delayed payments and increased their A/R across the board.

HIPAA Compliant Online Document Management Solution

HIPAA Compliant Document Management SystemVitalCare’s new document management and workflow system streamlined and automated the (DAR)/billing process with a combination of DocuVantage OnDemand document management systems and customized workflow processes. 

The new workflow process inputs the faxed (DAR’S) directly into the DocuVantage OnDemand System and provides key reports during every step of the way.  The verification staff, coding staff and data entry staff can now enter data directly into the DocuVantage OnDemand system.

Using the customized workflow process, the DocuVantage system automatically routes all of the verification, coding and data entry information. No more waiting on paper; no more waiting on faxes.

The DocuVantage system now allows managers a bird’s eye view of the billing process through check points, approval structures and automatic task completion marks. All physical paper was eliminated. The DocuVantage system is available 24/7 from any computer worldwide, allowing staff to work from home or other field locations.

With six steps in the billing (DAR) process, this new business automation system powered by DocuVantage streamlined the time it took from receipt of a (DAR) to the actual billing and electronic transmission of claims, resulting in an improved cash flow, better accountability and improved overall A/R.

With an affordable and easy to use platform, VitalCare was able to implement the majority of the system themselves.

From concept to final development, they did the analysis, they built the workflow process map, and they created the end to end automation.

They essentially created their own electronic document and business process automation application in just two weeks, using the web based DocuVantage OnDemand platform and workflow system. 

With the group’s biggest challenge solved, they are now prioritizing other business processes that can be automated. They are committed to continuing to use smarter automation processes to enhance their business workflow and solve those hard to answer questions. They have seen the cost savings, the reduced frustration, and the amount of paperwork that has magically disappeared from their office.

The DocuVantage OnDemand system allowed VitalCare to easily develop their own business automation application online using easy to use tools. All without any lines of code or any programming experience.

It was that easy.

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