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Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center Ensures HIPAA Compliance with Document Management

DocuVantage® helps ensure HIPAA compliance and reduces physical storage needs

Customer Profile

Surgical Center Document ManagementThe Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC) of Winter Haven, FL, was established in 1998 in response to the growing ambulatory procedure needs of the community. The organization’s patients arrive via ambulance, undergo planned procedures and return home, or to a location with a similar level of care, the same day. The staff is comprised of RNs, LPNs, Scrub Technicians, Central Processing Technicians, Aides/Orderlies and Clerical staff for administrative duties. WHASC offers three operating rooms, two endoscopy suites and thirteen recovery beds.


WHASC was embraced by the community and its patient base grew quickly. But rapid growth brings challenges, and WHASC needed to confront a growing Patient Records Managementproblem storing patient records. The organization found itself with nearly one million patient records and growing compliance and access headaches. The stopgap solution was an external storage facility, but this created concerns in a couple of areas. First was HIPAA compliance. It is nearly impossible to properly control access to sensitive patient data when so many records are physically stored in one location and numerous people accessing the facility. The storage facility also created inefficient workflow, forcing staff to spend unnecessary time searching for and retrieving records. In addition to frivolous cost, the process prevented WHASC from delivering, fast, efficient customer service.

Document Management Solution

WHASC knew the answer to its problems was a move to digital document storage and retrieval. After reviewing potential solutions, the organization selected Document Advantage® Corporation to deploy an electronic document management (EDM) system for medical record management, storage and retrieval.

The center selected the DocuVantage® solution for a number of reasons, including:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible features to accommodate WHASC’s unique business requirements
  • Security controls to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Rapid deployment

The DocuVantage® solution provides WHASC with Web-based access to patient records. The solution is also highly scaleable and will readily accommodate WHASC’s rapid growth.

Now, the organization’s document storage needs have been reduced to the size of a pizza box. Employees no longer need to trudge to a storage facility to search for and retrieve files. Instead, they access patient records via an intuitive Web-based interface. Staff can search records in a variety of formats, including those in word processing, scanned image and text-based file types. By doing specific queries for a document type, name, or date, personnel can quickly locate and view images of the original records.

Other areas of the business also took notice of the solution’s efficiency and secure access control. WHASC’s Records Manager realized the potential of using the EDM system for cataloging their meeting minutes and utilized the security feature to ensure that only administrators can access meeting notes.

For WHASC, DocuVantage® has proven to be the ideal solution to support its rapid growth and service-focused culture.


Reduced physical storage needs. WHASC has reduced its physical storage space from a large facility housing roughly one million paper documents to a single server which stores documents electronically.
HIPAA compliance. DocuVantage® provides the facility with username and password-based control to documents containing sensitive patient data. With the need for physical access to records eliminated, WHASC is able to maintain control and compliance with the stringent security measures required by HIPAA regulation.
Efficient service. Whereas staff once had to delay customer service to physically retrieve and review records, employees can now provide customers with instant answers via DocuVantage®’s Web-based interface.
Overhead cost control. Because electronic document access is much faster and more efficient than physical retrieval, WHASC has managed rapid growth without adding additional clerical staff.
Rapid installation and adoption. DocuVantage® installed the solution quickly and employees found the Web-based interface easy to use. WHASC was able to get the system in place – and in use – with minimal time and effort.

What can DocuVantage do for you?

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