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Electronic Document Management for Utilities

How It Helped Organize Bechtel's Archives

Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel is one of the world's largest engineering, construction, and project management companies. They provide technical, management, and operation services for customers worldwide. As such, Bechtel is part of a management team that operates the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a government facility for national security and scientific research. The lab monitors the U.S. nuclear stockpile and conducts research into new defense programs.

Bechtel looked to DocuVantage® when Los Alamos' Archive and Records Center (ARC) needed a solution to provide online access to 50 years' worth of engineering drawings and project files to the community of users at the Laboratory's Nevada Test Site, located sixty-five miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada.


The ARC had amassed 50 years' worth of engineering drawings and project files in 30 databases. They needed a way to make them easily accessible and searchable.

Document Management SolutionEngineering Document Management

DocuVantage® implemented an Electronic Document Management system to scan, index and store the files.  An  easy-to-use web and text search tool allows users to:

  • Global or text search within the database
  • Instantly access and retrieve files
  • Any drawing can be viewed anywhere on-site in seconds

Bechtel selected DocuVantage after a thorough business needs analysis. The solution fit perfectly, and provided a 'no-programming' solution for scanning, storing and indexing. The ARC had been indexing and filming documents for 30 years, this existing index data was imported into the new system, and drawings were scanned and matched to their proper index record. The new system "allows us to continue on with our normal business process that we have developed over the years, it was simple, elegant - just what we had been looking for."

DocuVantage's electronic document management software replaced, at a fraction of the cost, the custom-built system that ARC had been using for eight years. The old software was outdated, difficult to use and was not maintainable. In less than one month of service, DocuVantage® replaced all of the functions of the prior system, which was scrapped later that same year. The new EDM system maintains about 30 databases of information for the NTS.

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