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 Secure Records Storage And Retrieval

Case Study: Deep Water Investments


Managing investment properties for investors requires meticulous record keeping.  The documents and records associated with properties and transactions have to be easily retrieved from anywhere, yet at the same time secure. Paper documents are neither secure nor readily available.

Document Management Solution

Secure records storage is a major concern for any investment group. By design, electronic document management systems protect documents in several ways:Document Management Security

  • Documents are protected from disasters
  • Documents can only be viewed by authorized personnel
  • Document can’t be misplaced
  • Records cannot be accidently deleted

An electronic document management system provides additional benefits. Authorized users no longer have to be in the office to retrieve documents. With a secure online document management solution, users can access documents from remote offices, or even laptops out in the field. This improves moral, response time and efficiency.

Secure records storage also provides the ability for investors to log in remotely to check on the status of their properties or any documents contained in the system. With access comes peace of mind.

Electronic document management systems by design, not only store documents, but store them securely. When storing these documents offsite in a secure data center, the documents and information are safe from disasters and it enables organizations to access documents even in a worst case scenario.

Losing properties to a disaster is very bad. Being unable to produce documents needed to recover from a disaster adds insult to injury. This is where secure offsite records storage comes in.

By implementing secure document management, Deep Water was able to:

  • Eliminate the need for staff to be in the office
  • Eliminate lost documents
  • Securely store documents to protect from potential disasters
  • Efficiently manage the documents associated with property management

For more information on how an electronic document management system provides secure recrods storage, please call us at 866.367.3467 extension 1 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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