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Healthcare Document Management

Case Study: Health Integrated


Health Integrated is a healthcare services firm that provides a complete suite of Behavioral and Medical Health Management services that include Behavioral and Medical Case Management, Behavioral and Medical Utilization Management, Physician Review Services and Nurse Advice/Triage Services.

Their healthcare programs and health plans reduce customer costs by deploying resources more effectively.

The Challenge

New laws in the state of New York require patients to get approval for doctor's visits beyond their initial visits. The approval form called a Treatment request is filled in by the doctor and signed by the patient and then faxed to the Health Integrated office in Tampa.

Before the law went into effect, there were forty requests per day, now there are hundreds per day for patients in Healthcare Document ManagementNew York alone. The paper process was effective in the beginning, but the files were stored in file cabinets that were rapidly filling the halls and offices, while having to be maintained for two years.

The new law meant that Health Integrated must maintain and be able to reproduce the signed documents immediately upon request. Storing the paper documents would mean buying more locking fireproof file cabinets or storing the file boxes in an off-site facility which would incur additional costs.

The  Document Management Solution

Health Integrated's Chief Technology Officer was not interested in adding servers to his already crowded server room. In fact, he was already consolidating and moving servers to a data center. They had a fax server but they had to print all the faxes to process them.

  • What they needed: Effective healthcare document management- a system that captured incoming faxes and delivered them to the processors without having to be printed or scanned.
  • Why they chose DocuVantage OnDemand®: DocuVantage eliminates the need for additional servers, protects the mission critical information and adheres to the growing compliance regulations.

Using the Email/Fax Archiver functionality, the physician approvals now enter electronically and are distributed electronically to the teams on each shift to process the approvals using the application's Business Process Management (BPM) feature.

Using the healthcare records management functionality, Health Integrated holds their records per their record lifecycle schedule. As that date approaches, the appropriate personnel are notified of the upcoming disposition date and the records can be purged.

Document Management Benefits include:

  • No printing, no scanning, no misplaced files
  • Data is securely protected and accessed from their remote offices
  • Record lifecycles are managed so records are not retained longer than required, removing the risk of litigation

The OnDemand solution is also allowing Health Integrated to support telecommuting since the documents are accessed through secure channels from any location-further reducing costs.

Health Integrated supports customers all over the United States. As they grow, their application will grow with them and handle their future plans in streamlining and protecting their electronic health records, documents and processes.

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