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Electronic Document Management

Case Study: Medivest Benefit Advisors

Founded in 1996, Medivest Benefit Advisors, Inc., was one of the first companies to specialize in administering and managing custodial accounts used in the settlement and post-settlement of liability and workers' compensation disputes. Medivest has established successful relationships with major carriers, self-insured corporations and municipalities and third-party administrators. Medivest bridges the gap between settling parties by providing advocacy services through innovative, cost-effective programs.

Medivest's team of experienced professionals, combined with their extensive programs, results in a powerful and effective tool for the settlement of workers' Claims  Document Managementcompensation and general liability claims.


As a growing company, Medivest recognized the need for a more efficient way of handling the increasing amounts of correspondence associated with managing accounts.

Document Management Solution

With a workflow-enabled electronic document management system customized by DocuVantage®, Medivest is able to process every piece of incoming paperwork more efficiently. Employees can instantly retrieve any document right from their desktop computer, allowing various departments to work simultaneously on any case.

Old Process

Mail was routed to various departments and photocopies were made for others that needed to see it. Reviews and approvals were manually delivered with no means of knowing whose inbox a particular piece of information was sitting in.

New Process

Images are stored in the Electronic Document Management System. Notification that documents are waiting to be processed are sent to all necessary users. Auditing of who is performing the work and its status is tracked, and the status of every account is immediately accessible by management. In addition, account files are immediately available to the case managers.

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