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Community National Bank of Bartow

Community National Bank of Bartow, founded in 1984, is locally owned and operated and dedicated to serving the people in and around Bartow, Florida. CNBB is a progressive and forward-thinking bank that seeks out new technologies which will benefit their customers' banking experience.


CNBB was experiencing several problems. Storage of paper records was becoming an issue due to the large amount of space required to do so. And, as their loan department grew, the paper documents requiring storage and retrieval increased as well. In addition, comparing check signatures to customer signature cards was time-consuming due to the physical access requirements of the cards.

Document Management Solution

DocuVantage® stepped in and implemented an Electronic Document Management System to capture and store all bank documents electronically. All paper documents are now scanned, or if they are already electronic, they are imported into the system. Employees have secure access to the documents they need to perform their jobs.

Old Processes

Check cashing
When a customer wishes to cash a check, the signature must be compared to the signature retained on file. In the past, this required the tellers to walk to the file room, find the signature card, compare the signature, re-file the card and return to the counter. And this required the customer to wait.

Loan documents
Loan packages were stored in the file room. Each review of a loan required a trip to the file room to search and locate the package, and then re-file it afterwards.

New Processes

Check cashingElectronic Signature Document Management Solution
With the new EDM system by DocuVantage in place, all signature cards are now scanned and indexed within the system. When a signature comparison is required, the teller simply retrieves the image of the signature card instantly, right at their terminal.

Loan documents
Loan documents are also scanned and stored in the system; providing instant access to all documents for the loan offices, processors, and customer service personnel.

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